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Friday, December 29, 2023

Rob In der Maur

Apple Music Top 100 Global
Apple Music Top 100 Global

Chart Your Music's main purpose is to keep track of the music you love ♥︎… over time ⌚️… by creating your own individual chart collections.

For the true music chart lover, top charts from your country or the city you live in might be interesting as well. And charts from other countries or cities around the world might even inspire you to discover new music.

If you are using Apple Music as the music service in the app, and you want to keep track of these country and city charts, you can now import Apple Music chart playlists (like Top 100 and City Top 25) into a collection. Just create a collection to store a country's or city's chart playlists and start importing the chart playlist for that country or city on a daily (or regular) schedule.

This functionality is available with the latest update (1.1.26) from the App Store. This update is also the latest version of the app which will support iOS 16. Subsequent releases will require iOS 17.

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