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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Rob In der Maur

Shazam has always been my favourite 'unbelievable' app since the first days of the iPhone. Just simply the magic of your iPhone listening to the (at that time) unknown but likeable music playing around you, and then automatically discover the song and provide you with details.

As a standalone app it is already great but thanks to Apple, Shazam's functionality is also available as a framework, dubbed ShazamKit, you can easily integrate into your app. And so we did.

You can now from anywhere in the iPhone version of Chart Your Music go to the Discover tab, press the Shazam button and discover the song you're listening to. Once discovered, tap + Add Entry and then add the discovered song to one or more collections. Once in a chart within a collection, to which you added the song, you can easily add the song using Pick Entry….

In the iPad version, you can bring up a Discover sheet by tapping the Shazam icon at the top of the left pane.

This update is available now. Enjoy discovering music you don't know just yet, but like by just listening to it. You can now instantaneously add that music to your charts!

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