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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rob In der Maur

I have been working on a couple of new features for the app.

The first and most important one is support for loves (Apple Music) and likes (Spotify). Because, you can almost safely assume that when you create a chart, the entries in the chart are entries you like. In the end, that is more or less the intent of the app: track the music you love… over time…

You can swipe to toggle loving / liking a track in your chart but you can also toggle this for all entries in a chart or a collection. To make it even easier, you can toggle in the collection settings whether you automatically want to like / love upon adding an entry to the collection and unlike / un-love upon deleting an entry from the collection.

The second feature is support for average position. It might offer new insights, for example for entries that have had a deep but short impact. You can get the average position for entries in the overview view of a collection and for each individual entry its graph now shows the average position using an orange dotted line.

The third feature is a small but nice feature you see more and more apps offering these days: support for different icons for the app. In Settings | About, you can now select between a light and dark icon for the app. Whatever pleases the eye. Maybe I will offer more versions in the future, but I am not a great icon designer and Midjourney did not really came up with great alternatives. Anyone that does have some ideas about nice alternative icons, let me know…

Some additional features are a bit more clever usage of text colours on widgets. When the Chart Your Music widget is showing predominantly light-coloured artwork, the app now applies black text on top of it.

And yes, from now on the app supports push notifications, so we can send once in a while some interesting news about the app, updates, etc.

You can download the latest version from the app store.

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