A major update.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Rob In der Maur

I have been relentlessly working in my spare free time upgrading Chart Your Music with all the new capabilities that Apple delivered with its latest version of iOS and underlying technologies (Swift, SwiftUI). All these updates should ultimately lead to a more robust and solid app whilst not necessarily exposing a lot of visible improvements to end users. It had to be done nonetheless, to keep in sync with Apple’s ever moving development platform. To that note, the latest WWDC22 has some very nice features in stock (SwiftUI Charts) for yet another new version…

But let’s stick with this update for now…

The major implication of the above is that the upcoming update requires iOS 15. For those users still on iOS 14, it means they cannot benefit from underlying improvements as well as the additional new features introduced with this new update.

And yes, you read it right, we also introduce a lot of new features with the upcoming update! Just to name a few:

Refreshed UI now showing artwork at any level in the app. Whether it is on the home page, in the collection list or on the charts list, you can always see the beautiful artwork from your favourite music. The sidebar on larger screens has been reworked completely.

  • You can now export and import your collections in JSON format. This allows you to easily exchange collections with other users. It also enables to feature example collections. To get you started, Chart Your Music will provide an option to import example collections. Potentially, this could be the start of something bigger…

  • On the topic of sharing, we will also support integration with MusicThread, a website to create and share lists of music, called ‘Threads’. Through the integration you can very easily share a chart as a thread.

  • Apple Music is famous for its editorial notes; the app allows you now to quickly add these editorial notes to the notes of an entry (It’s a pity Spotify doesn’t offer the same).

  • For some users, the app had a bit of a steep learning curve. To accommodate a better on-boarding experience, the app will provide extensive in-app support to explain concepts, get you started, answer frequently asked questions, provide example collections (as mentioned above), etc.

  • And there are lots of additional small (UI) improvements.

As of July 1, the update is available. Any feedback, let me know!

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