New year, new collection.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Rob In der Maur

With the end of the year approaching, the moment has come to reflect on your year in music. Both Spotify and Apple Music provide some service to give you a view on what you enjoyed the most over the year, but both with very low granularity and accuracy.

With Chart Your Music, you can at any moment during the year (so also at the end of the year), get an overview of any of your collections and get a good perspective on what you listened to and enjoyed the most. You did chart the music yourself, didn't you?

But when rolling over into the new year, what’s next? Should you create a new collection for the new year, like Albums 2022? Or should you continue your current collection (e.g. Albums 2021). But if you do so, how can you then differentiate between the years (2021 vs 2022) when looking at the collection overview?

With an upcoming update, Chart Your Music provides you more flexibility for this scenario. You can indeed still create a new collection (e.g. Albums 2022) if you want to keep collections completely isolated. But you can also continue with the existing collection (and rename maybe your Albums 2021 to Albums).

We have now added the possibility to define the period on which you can get an overview of your collection. All charts in your collection within that period will be taken into account when showing you the collection overview. If you want to revisit last years' overview of your favourite albums, it is simply a matter of redefining that period.

You define the period on the collection level. Edit your collection and you will find a date picker for start and end date to define the period. By default the period ranges from January 1, 1970 up until December 31, 2099, taking into account all your charts and entries. Your collection overview will automatic adapt to the dates specified here. You can simply toggle between showing all entries (All) or only entries for the specified period (Period) by tapping the Picker with the calendar icon.

Feedback is always appreciated!

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