Spread the chart…

Friday, November 25, 2022

Rob In der Maur

From its initial release, Chart Your Music has the functionality to share details of a selected chart using the iOS Share functionality. Depending on the app you select, it will share image and text details of the current chart (ie. artwork, collection title, chart title and the first ten entries).

Apps that have limits to what can be shared, like Twitter, only receive the number 1 details. And apps that are more ‘protected’., like Instagram, really don’t receive a lot of textual information; only the artwork is shared.

With the next release (1.1.4) of the app, we made sharing a chart with Instagram a smoother experience. You can now directly from the chart screen click the Share button at the top and select Instagram. A dialog is telling you what textual information is copied to the pasteboard and if you continue you can select whether you want to create an Instagram story or post. Selecting either one of those, the artwork of the number one in your chart is used as the image for the story or post and you can use the “Aa” tool in Instagram to paste the copied text and adapt it to your need.

(Final step is to add the appropriate music to your story…)

Other small changes in this release is more info in the lollipop used in the graph representing positions of an entry in a chart, and visually identifying re-entries in a chart vs. brand new entries.

Up to the next update…

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