(SF) Symbols and shapes...

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Rob In der Maur

The charts in Chart Your Music have been very much modeled after the chart list that is the oldest and still the most famous in the Netherlands: The "Top 40", in the past known as the "Veronica Top 40".

Until now, on a collection level, you could configure the positions in the chart with a bit more colours than shown in that legacy paper version of the "Veronica Top 40" chart above, but that was about it.

In the new version, the configuration for positions in a collection has become much more flexible. On top of colour, you can now choose between circle and square shapes and also select whether the shapes should be filled or not for each of the variations: Intro, Up Fast, Up, etc..

This allows you now to give each of your collections and their charts a bit of a unique look and feel. All thanks to the power and flexibility of SF Symbols. With that power and iOS 17 now also comes a bit of animation. So if you are already on iOS 17, you will see positions nicely animate when moving entries in your chart.

All of this available right now in the latest version from the app store.

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