Thursday, July 29, 2021

Rob In der Maur

Since iOS 13, Apple has introduced a new widget framework, making it easier for developers to develop and more fun for users to add attractive widgets displaying static or dynamic information to any of the app screens on an iPhone or to the left rail on the Home Screen of an iPad.

So what widget would be interesting to offer from Chart Your Music (if any)? Given the fact that the visual attractiveness of the app itself is to a large extent (and sometimes unexpectedly) determined by the artwork of the music you love… over time…, wouldn’t it be nice to have a widget displaying the artwork of the current number 1 position of a collection?

And that is how the Number One widget for Chart Your Music was born. To add the widget to your home screen(s), simply follow the steps to add a widget as documented by Apple, select Chart Your Music as the app to select a widget from and then pick any of the three sizes offered.

By default, the Number One widget will display at intervals a number 1 position from a random collection, always surprising you when opening the screen the widget is placed on. But you can configure a specific collection for each widget you add by long pressing the widget and tap on Choose to pick a specific collection. So you can build a screen with an overview of Number One widgets for all your collections…

Number One is currently the only widget Chart Your Music offers. If you do have suggestions on other type of widgets for Chart Your Music, let me know…

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